By Aayush Barot, Bankai Group, Chief Business Management Officer (Global Carrier business),

aayush-barot-bankai-group-chief-business-management-officer-global-carrier-businessIn today’s competitive telecommunications market, there is no room for poor call quality, or low answer-seizure ratios (ASR), average call durations (ACD) or post dialing delays (PPD). These types of issues can lead to negative ratings and high customer churn rates.

Is your business experiencing these problems? If so, there is a new solution that can help.

BridgeVoice, a global leader in retail and wholesale VoIP termination services, and an integral part of multinational telecom technology and carrier services provider Bankai Group, has launched a new Operator Based Product on its Automated Carrier Platform that carriers can use to directly connect with network operators.

Carriers can use this product to access A-Z rates, and an inventory of operators within BridgeVoice’s network. The Network Operator Based Package allows operators to commit advanced routes to carriers and service providers, thereby avoiding low ASR, PPD and ACD. What’s more, users can benefit from assured quality route termination, real-time billing and 100 percent calling line identification support.

Additional features include:

  • Product opt-in and opt-out functionality
  • Access to multiple operator product offerings with various quality parameters and subscription models
  • Direct routes to operator networks
  • Advanced reporting for traffic transparency

“We are thrilled to announce the official launch of our Operator Based Product, the newest feature to BridgeVoice’s successful Automated Carrier Platform,” Bankim Brahmbhatt, President and CEO of BridgeVoice, stated recently.  “Its addition to our available solutions will further benefit both providers and carriers with a new way to engage network operators.”

By using BridgeVoice’s Automated Carrier Platform, carriers can access a global network of suppliers and meet capacity demands with guaranteed quality assurance. This product also provides access to easy pay services and settlements on product-based and preferred choice routing, as all transactions are facilitated through the online platform.

For more information about BridgeVoice’s Automated Carrier Platform, click here.