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Data Center POST Interview with Jodi Carrier, Director of Business Development, Call Delivery Systems, and Guy Pearson, Global Network Architecture Manager, Interpublic Group

By Caroline Kurdej

At International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2018, which took place May 6-9 in Chicago, Data Center POST had the opportunity to speak with Jodi Carrier, Director of Business Development at Call Delivery Systems, and Guy Pearson, Global Network Architecture Manager at Interpublic Group. Call Delivery Systems helps telecommunications carriers monetize their misdialed calls by pairing them with social science research firms around the globe who collect valuable market research data. Interpublic is an international provider of advertising and marketing services where Guy is responsible for the strategy and high-level design of its global data network, including MPLS, internet, VPN, metro area networks and public cloud infrastructure.

Jodi and Guy shared their experiences of the conference and discussed some of the hot topics that created a buzz at this year’s event.

Data Center POST, Caroline Kurdej (DCP-CK) Question: I hope you enjoyed your time at ITW 2018. My first questions are for Jodi. What were some of the trends that exhibitors and attendees were talking about?

Call Delivery Systems, Jodi Carrier (CDS-JC) Answer: Artificial Intelligence was hot on everyone’s lips at this show, especially with the new GDPR regulations about to go into effect in Europe, and all the recent controversy with Facebook and their issues relating to data privacy. Carriers very clearly understand the many benefits that AI and targeted marketing can lend, but will need to tread cautiously to ensure no breach in regulations.

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