SpeedCast undertakes capacity and coverage upgrades to meet growing customer demand

speedcast-logoAthens, June 8, 2016SpeedCast International Limited (ASX: SDA), a leading global satellite communications and network service provider, has implemented coordinated coverage and capacity enhancements to its global maritime network. Acknowledging both growing maritime customer demand and SpeedCast’s commitment for continuously augmenting its leading global maritime VSAT network, a series of enhancements have been implemented to reinforce SpeedCast’s leading position in the global maritime VSAT network.

Piers Cunningham, VP Maritime Services at SpeedCast said: “We have added new teleport infrastructure with new facilities, fully integrated into our celestial global maritime network and terrestrial interconnects. This has been run in parallel with a global upgrade to our network, allowing utilization of the latest advanced modem variants, and focused capacity enhancements for both our global and regional/sector specific clientele. Finally, we are starting to integrate the latest High Throughput Satellites (HTS) as they enter service, leveraging our extensive experience in HTS deployment with O3b to service areas with high traffic. We expect overlay of Ku-band HTS beams can further enhance our ability to quickly and effectively tailor service requirements for the more specialized end of the maritime spectrum. Inmarsat Fleet Xpress is now generally available across SpeedCast sales network. It can further complement our global maritime network offerings and allows us to cater for all the needs in the market.”

SpeedCast is now operating a global VSAT network with more than 90 satellite beams consisting of global C-band, L-band, Ku-band and Ka-band, following the launch of our Fleet Xpress service, from more than 70 satellites. This unparalleled satellite constellation provides maritime customers with exceptional redundancy, network resilience and maximum coverage. This operator-agnostic network strategy enables SpeedCast to provide enhanced reliability, flexibility and service availability required for maritime communications today.

“We are currently operating and own a network of teleports, hubs and IP-connectivity links. This allows us to exert increased control over the network quality and thus maximize the customer experience. This can’t be easily achieved if you outsource your network management. Our ability to offer, and have direct control over, an unparalleled range of services and products will allow us to deliver a best-in-class maritime communications solution to the Greek and wider merchant marine market,” said Athina Vezyri, Vice President Maritime Sales and MSS Services at SpeedCast.

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