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Data Center Efficiency, the New Mark of Leadership

data-center-efficiency-the-new-mark-of-leadership-1Originally posted to Data Center POST,

What does it take to be successful in business today? It requires more than just turning a strong profit. Now, businesses must also prove they can efficiently and responsibly manage their data center resources.

LinkedIn is an enterprise that takes this message to heart.

Not All Data Center Providers Are Created Equal

not-all-data-center-providers-are-created-equalPartnering with a data center provider requires trusting a third-party organization to transfer, store and manage your company’s sensitive information. And it’s not always easy to tell at first glance whether another company can be trusted to do so. Many facilities claim to offer top-tier services, but fall short when it comes to delivering on their promises.

It’s for this reason why the Uptime Institute, the globally recognized data center authority,  created the Management & Operations (M&O) “Stamp of Approval.”

Infomart Data Centers Awarded Stamp of Approval from Uptime Institute

FOIL_MO_FTN7327_Hillsboro_160613_Exp180613_opt.1This week, Infomart Data Centers announced that its Portland and Silicon Valley facilities were recognized with Uptime Institute’s Management & Operations (M&O) “Stamp of Approval” recertification award.