Two things are critical for powering cloud services at the enterprise level: Access to high quality network and data center infrastructure, and connectivity that is reliable, resilient and secure.

Now, it’s possible to obtain powerful infrastructure and connectivity under the same roof thanks to a new alliance between Infomart Data Centers and PacketFabric. Infomart customers can now access PacketFabric’s leading software-defined networking (SDN)-based platform at Infomart’s Dallas and Portland data center locations.

PacketFabric’s fully-automated network platform provides Infomart customers with access to direct, instantaneous and secure provisioning of terabit-scale connectivity between any two or more locations on the PacketFabric network.

Infomart Dallas is the primary hub of connectivity for the Southern U.S. It provides PacketFabric and its end users with the fastest and most direct path to one of the world’s largest concentrations of domestic and international carriers, content and colocation providers, Internet service providers (ISPs) and cloud applications.

What’s more, PacketFabric now has a presence in Oregon’s largest merchant data center, Infomart Portland, providing access to transpacific subsea cable systems and path-diverse terrestrial fiber routes to other organizations that have critical data assets in the greater Portland-Hillsboro area.

“For Infomart, access to innovative and industry-leading connectivity options is an amenity we are excited to offer our customers,” said Infomart Data Centers President John Sheputis about the announcement. “The PacketFabric platform further extends the reach of our highly-connected wholesale suites, providing customers with access to any other network or facility connected by the fabric.”

PacketFabric CEO William Charnock also commented on the alliance.

“Infomart’s comprehensive and cohesive Dallas and Portland facilities are a natural fit for our cloud networking ecosystem,” stated Mr. Charnock. “With PacketFabric, the customers in these facilities can consume network connectivity with the same ease and agility as consuming cloud services when it comes to provisioning, delivery and billing.”

PacketFabric’s any-to-any SDN-powered network enables coast-to-coast connectivity between 130 premier carrier-neutral colocation facilities across 13 U.S. markets. It delivers hundreds of terabits per second of on-demand connectivity across its purpose-built backbone network. With this innovative architecture, customers can easily procure and maintain network services in real-time while also accessing hundreds of destinations without having to manage and deploy expensive hardware or use the public Internet.

Additionally, PacketFabric customers can now easily design and deploy any network configuration, thanks to an advanced Web-based portal and application programming interface (API) that delivers unmatched control and visibility over network services and traffic. Plus, real-time analytics and international troubleshooting capabilities give PacketFabric the fullness of a packet-switched network, without having to sacrifice reliable and consistent performance.

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