It’s no secret that 5G rollout is one of the most anticipated events across IT, telecommunications and beyond. As a result, businesses spanning across numerous sectors have been hard at work trying to build and implement new strategies that will support the practically endless amount of exciting use cases that the next-generation network presents. However, while 5G holds the keys to a whole new world of next-level technological opportunities, getting networks prepared has proved to be a complex task. With 5G’s deployment drawing ever closer, a growing number of enterprises are realizing that cross-industry collaboration and support is a critical tool for facilitating true next-generation network enablement.

To aid in the discovery of solutions to the practical challenges posed by 5G and help more businesses get involved in the conversation, Capacity Media, BroadGroup, ITW, Layer123 and TowerXchange partnered up to create the Communications Infrastructure Summit. The inaugural event will be taking place at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, GA on June 26, 2019.

The Communications Infrastructure Summit is set to bring together leaders from across fiber, wireless, software, hardware, network infrastructure, data centers and beyond, to promote collaboration, shared insights and convergence to foster innovation and effectively prepare for 5G. At the summit, wholesale carriers can learn how to capitalize on opportunities in intelligent and virtualized networks, automation, the cloud and more. Meanwhile, fiber providers can find out more about how to work with small cell providers to deliver the massive amount of fiber needed to support 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities and beyond. Mobile operators and small cell providers can benefit from the event’s information on spectrum allocation, in-building penetration challenges, monetizing new technologies and other critical insights. Of course, the event will include similarly critical guidance that will be highly beneficial for towercos, edge players, software providers and data centers as well.

In its inaugural year, the Communications Infrastructure Summit has prepared an agenda stacked with networking events, presentations and panel discussions. Attendees will be able to hear from eminent industry minds on topics such as shaping the new communications infrastructure ecosystem, the impacts and opportunities at the edge and how software can catalyze network evolution. As the reality of 5G begins to take shape, the Communications Infrastructure Summit will help to ensure that businesses are adequately prepared to express the benefits of the new era of technology and communications.

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