I have been asked by clients and industry executives alike about what you could communicate in such unknown and unprecedented times.  To help you navigate communication with customers and partners effectively, we prepared the following informative information: Do’s and Don’ts on What to Communicate During a Pandemic.

For general guidance, please consider the following:

What you can communicate:

  • Relevant stories with data, successes on helping, community interest, etc.
  • Partnerships your have with others and their communities and how they are donating, helping, influencing connectivity and solutions for those that need it on the front lines, e-learning, research and more.
  • Gather quotes, commentary and insights from your Executives that can be shared with the media and on social posting
  • Consider alternative programming options such as webinars, videocasts, podcasts and more.  iMPR and NEDAS can offer access to our GoToWebinar and Zoom platforms on a cost-basis so support your messaging goals
  • Consider Communicating about corporate measures, steps and activities you are taking to respond to this global pandemic
  • Nurture relationships with your clients, partners, vendors and others.  Reach out, check-in, let them know you care, offer solutions, tips, tricks and express empathy to the current situation we are all in.