Console - Primary - 300dpi - RGBIs your enterprise looking to bypass the public Internet and gain a direct connection to business-critical cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud?

If so, take note. Console, the enterprise software and interconnection company that is changing the business connectivity landscape, recently announced that its new enterprise cloud access platform is slated to be released in June.

Besides facilitating direct access to the aforementioned cloud services, Console also enables direct connections with other cloud service providers, networks and enterprises. These connections are private, flexible and highly reliable. The Console platform also greatly simplifies connectivity by removing the configuration complexities associated with Layer 2 and Layer 3. Perhaps best of all, Console’s platform avoids sending data over the public Internet, facilitating safer Web connections.

As Al Burgio, Founder and CEO of Console, explained Console removes the without the uncertainty of public Internet access, clients can be confident about their investments in the cloud and about the safety of their business critical data.

“Finding a better way to interconnect workloads, applications and data is essential in the digital era,” Burgio stated.

This is especially true when considering the variety of network technologies that companies today are using, from public and private cloud infrastructure services to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.

Indeed, Console simplifies connectivity between cloud services, enterprises and business partners by offering a highly functional and feature-rich social platform. IT professionals can use this platform to perform critical network management and operations functions. They can also use Console to connect with key partners and vendors in their supply chains, offering private data connections that bypass the public Web.

As of right now, Console is only available by invitation. It will become available for mainstream purchase in June 2016. For more information about Console, click here.