The Windy City is about to get a lot more Windy with the arrival of over 5,000 global telecom executives about to enter town.  The annual International Telecoms Week is set to begin in Chi-town on May 14 running through May 16.  This year, Cross River Fiber will make its ITW 2012 debut – as the company launched in June 2011 it is their international coming out party.

What is most exciting about Cross River Fiber is its focused, high-touch, custom dark fiber network solutions.  As they build out network throughout New Jersey, they are ensuring that many municipalities, hospitals; enterprise campuses and data centers are connected with the most modern fiber infrastructure available.

Don’t get me wrong; the Cross River Fiber team has been to ITW for many years – just not in their current form.  The team hails from such esteemed companies as 4Connections and Optimum Lightpath (which acquired 4Connections).  The founder and CEO of Cross River, Enzo Clemente, is highly regarded in the telecom engineering sphere as he has designed some of the NY metro region’s most reliable and fastest network connections.  Also attending with Enzo is Mike Sevret.  Mike re-joined Enzo, as they worked together at both 4Connections and Optimum Lightpath, and is now an executive at Cross River serving as the company’s Chief Strategy Officer.

Both are well-connected and extremely knowledgeable executives – their experience and know-how can help companies plan their network expansions throughout the New York metro area.  To meet the team at ITW2012 email:  For information about Cross River Fiber visit: