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Across the planet, the need for green solutions is growing. As temperatures rise and dangerous repercussions of environmentally-damaging carbon emissions creep closer, the data center industry is become acutely aware of its impacts on the health of our world. In 2013, U.S. data centers alone were using around $9 billion of electricity and producing 97 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. The numbers, alongside the continuously expanding data center industry, have only continued to increase.

The industry and the companies operating within it are not only aware of the issue, they are increasingly focused on adopting more eco-friendly and energy-efficient strategies. Major players such as Facebook have pledged to implement sustainable practices, or, in Google’s case, have actively purchased enough renewable energy to match nearly all of its global consumption of operations. As a result of this growing focus on greener, more sustainable data center strategies, the global energy-efficient data center cooling market has been projected to grow to $225 billion in 2022. Yet, even as major strides are made towards a more efficient industry, there is always room to improve.

Peter Feldman, CEO and Chairman of Digital Crossroads, will leverage his decades of data center development, operations, design and energy-efficient technologies experience to address this topic at ABB Customer World taking place March 4-7, 2019 in Houston, Texas. Professionals from across the digital world, including utilities, industries and infrastructure will gather together to create an educational and collaborative experience. The event offers a unique look at the most relevant and new innovations, ideas, technologies and more, and delves into how they will impact businesses as we navigate the rapidly-changing present and future.

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