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In a significant development for the residents and businesses of Mount Morris and Perry, New York, Empire Access, a leading fiber internet service provider, has announced plans to complete its fiber optic network expansion to these areas in the Fall of 2023. This expansion will bring lightning-fast internet connectivity, home automation, phone plans, security services, and streaming solutions to local residents and businesses, revolutionizing their digital experiences.

Empire Access: A Fast-Track to Gigabit-Speed Internet

Empire Access is a trusted broadband internet service provider known for its commitment to delivering high-speed connectivity to homes, businesses, local governments, and municipalities across Upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania. Empire Access has earned recognition as the “fastest internet in the Northeast” by PCMag, a testament to its dedication to providing top-notch services that are often only available in larger metropolitan areas.

A Glimpse into the Expansion Plans

Jim Baase, CEO at Empire Access, expressed his excitement about the company’s expansion into Mount Morris and Perry. He emphasized the positive impact that these high-speed internet services can have on the local communities, stating, “These, like many others in the region, are great communities to which Empire Access can provide a much-needed service in today’s evolving digital world. Alongside our internet, we maintain 24/7/365 locally-staffed customer service, to ensure that we will always be a business which understands the needs of our customers.”

Services Offered by Empire Access

With the expansion of Empire Access’s fiber optic network, residents and businesses in Mount Morris and Perry can look forward to a comprehensive suite of services, including:

  • Streaming TV: Enjoy crystal-clear, 100% HD picture quality, restart TV, Whole Home DVR, and much more for a premium entertainment experience.
  • Home and Business Phone Plans: Get access to feature-rich phone plans, including toll-free numbers, voicemail, hosted phone systems, and more to stay connected effortlessly.
  • IoT Security and Home Automation: Enhance your security and convenience with 24/7 video monitoring, remote lock/unlock capabilities, appliance control, climate management, and comprehensive security solutions—all accessible from your computer or smart device.
  • Advanced Business Services: Empire Access provides a range of services tailored to meet the needs of businesses, including enterprise Wi-Fi, high-security firewalls, business emails, audio and video conferencing, dark fiber, and metro-Ethernet.

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