Global CapacityForbes has named Dallas one of the 20 fastest-growing metro areas in America.  And with over 10,000 business locations and 18 Fortune 100 corporate headquarters, the major metro’s demand for Cloud connectivity options between area data centers is growing.  Connectivity as a service company Global Capacity, which focuses on bringing simplified connectivity where its customers demand it, has taken notice.  Global Capacity recently addressed the Dallas metro area’s pressing need for inter-data center Cloud connectivity by lighting its own fiber ring in the city.  The Company’s newly-lit metro ring connects its new One Marketplace™ Point of Presence (PoP) at 2323 Bryan Street and its existing PoP at 1950 North Stemmons Freeway.

In addition to providing access and local loop capabilities for IP transit and traditional point-to-point bandwidth needs, Global Capacity’s new metro fiber ring enables enterprise and business customers at 2323 Bryant to easily access the 1950 North Stemmons Freeway property as well as the One Marketplace platform, which boasts near-ubiquitous network reach to over 9.6 million commercial locations in the US.

Global Capacity’s One Marketplace has the extensive network reach and innovation applications that provide real-time network pricing and ordering with end-to-end delivery of private Ethernet connectivity and IP services by leveraging speeds scaling from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps, offers a flexible breadth of speeds and services attributes to meet customers’ connectivity needs for voice, data, Cloud and video traffic.

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