HWTrel Logo- 2.10.142014 is slated to be a groundbreaking year for the consumer hardware market.  With a wide ranging support program that features its open and neutral consumer electronics community platform, HWTrek (Hardware Trek) provides aspiring startups and inventors with expert guidance, end-to-end support and access to investors in order to help foster innovation and bring next-generation inventions to market.

The global community for digital electronics recently published its Request for Quotation (RFQ) Tool  and comprehensive Crowdfunding Guide.  Both tools are an essential part of HWTrek’s community platform, streamlining the RFQ process and providing best practices for successful crowdfunding campaigns to bring consumer electronics concepts to fruition.

The RFQ tool will allow inventors with finalized prototypes to simplify the challenging manufacturing process. The step-by-step guide will show the inventor everything he or she needs to do to properly invite prospective manufacturers to submit their quotations. This RFQ tool provides inventors with a project scope email template, sample nondisclosure agreement (NDA), sample technical spec. sheet, project scope and volume template, QE / testing requirements, safety requirements, packaging, project schedule documentation, and more.  These sample documents will ensure manufacturing partners are armed with the necessary information needed to submit quotations according to the inventors’ unique project requirements.

When it comes to fundraising, crowdfunding is a valid way to gain validation in the market as well as create buzz around an exciting, new product.  If executed correctly, it could serve as a viable alternative to traditional early stage financing methods; if done incorrectly, it could severely derail an inventor’s go-to-market strategy.  HWTrek’s Crowdfunding Guide is written by HWTrek experts and provides practical tips and advice, as well as timelines and checklists – all critical to a successful crowdfunding campaign.  This guide will provide investors with step-by-step guidelines in regards to Pre­-Launch: Planning Your Project, Secure Media Targets, Building Your Marketing Collateral, and Potential Crowdfunding Platforms; Launching Your Project: Soft Launch and Promotions; Maintaining Your Project: User Engagement; Common Crowdfunding Pitfalls; Tools and Resources; Additional Tips & Tricks; and What to Do if Your Campaign Fails.

HWTrek is committed to supporting the inventors, experts and manufacturers that make up its global community.  For more information about HWTrek and to visit its community platform, go to www.hwtrek.com.