Infomart Data Centers recently announced that its Portland data center is now a preferred storage and fulfillment location for the Motivair ChilledDoor Division.  The national wholesale data center provider helps clients align cooling to directly track the IT load at the rack level via rear-door heat exchanger technology. Most recently, Infomart leveraged this unique cooling design in its latest 8 MW deployment with LinkedIn.

Infomart now stocks Motivair ChilledDoor parts at its Portland facility, meaning the product will be rapidly available to Infomart Portland customers should they choose to use them. This will also enable shorter shipment times to Motivair’s customers across the Western U.S. and Canada. Infomart’s staff is fully trained in the technical enablement and turnkey installation of Motivair ChilledDoors, and they are also certified in their ongoing maintenance.

“Infomart has a history of supporting innovative technologies that improve performance and sustainability, which is why we chose to certify our staff in servicing Motivair ChilledDoors at our Portland data center,” stated John Sheputis, President, Infomart Data Centers. “Infomart’s support of Motivair products gives our customers an advanced cooling solution that offers unmatched efficiency and industry-leading PUE over a wide range of energy densities at the rack level.”

Rich Whitmore, President and CEO of Motivair, also commented, “The new parts agreement with Infomart Portland is just one example of our customer-centric approach. We aim to provide the highest level of support to our partners, and this partnership with Infomart Portland enables customers to receive ChilledDoor products faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.”

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