Liquid Technology, an industry-leading IT asset disposition service provider, recently announced the release of their whitepaper titled, “A Retirement Plan for Your IT Assets.” The whitepaper is designed to act as a helpful guide for businesses as they ensure ethical and safe recycling and degaussing of their dated or unnecessary IT assets.

IT assets, most often defined as the technology hardware owned and operated by an organization to conduct business, are becoming a growing concern. As technologies rapidly change and businesses make moves towards cloud environments, the amount of e-waste typically generated worldwide has been on the rise. Americans alone are disposing of 9.4 million tons of electronics per year, and that number is expected to continue growing with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G. With these vast amounts of waste comes concern over proper disposal. Without ethical and ecologically-friendly disposal, businesses pose a risk to both their own operations and the health of the world around them. As a result, information technology asset disposition (ITAD) has grown into a huge industry across the globe, with the market currently being worth US $9.898 billion. Development of a safe ITAD plan is crucial in order to minimize potential reputational and financial risk for businesses while safeguarding against damage from non-compliance.

Many companies find that developing and achieving a compliant, environmentally-sound and financially secure ITAD process can be difficult. Global laws regarding the protection of sensitive data and protective environmental regulations have both grown stricter and are constantly changing. Liquid Technology’s whitepaper provides businesses with the necessary knowledge and concrete steps they need to become informed on the topic, find a great ITAD partner and fully express the value of their end-of-life assets. However, Liquid Technology urges businesses to remember that ITAD is not a set-and-forget process. As regulations change and processes continually develop to accommodate them, professional ITAD partners like Liquid Technology are becoming a company’s greatest asset. Hiring a professional with the appropriate expertise and industry certifications is the best way to untangle the complexities of asset retirement. With a trusted partner, a business can ultimately save itself from costly data breaches and imposed fines, preserving its reputation and clientele.

“In order to ensure the safety and success of our planet and our industry, it is imperative that companies are cognizant of their IT asset disposition,” states Richard Greene, managing partner and founding member of Liquid Technology. “We know that adopting ethical and compliant practices is not always a straightforward process, which is exactly why we created this whitepaper. In educating businesses on how to look for great ITAD partners, we seek not only to bring greater success to our clients by equipping them with vital knowledge but to make the world a safer, more honest place to do business.”

Exemplary ITAD begins before a business even purchases its technology. Ensuring compliance in every step thereafter doesn’t have to be a burden. In fact, with experts like Liquid Technology providing unparalleled expertise and top-tier retirement services, proper ITAD will prove beneficial for maximizing ROI, heightening security and minim