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The Interconnect Hub, a Podcast featuring Tom Brown, CEO of DataGryd, explores a variety of topics impacting the communications infrastructure space, primarily from a data center perspective. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of traditional commuters working from home increased significantly. This has shifted data processing needs and how it all impacts connectivity and the more distributed requirements of businesses. On Episode 2 of The Interconnection Hub, Tom Brown, President and CEO of DataGryd, along with Art Valhuerdi, senior vice president of operations, discuss increased power needs as a result of a more distributed and connected communications infrastructure network.

Computer Power Continues to Grow

As computer processing grows, the need for power to support them is growing faster than the servers are advancing. As we move more towards the cloud, power needs are soaring in comparison to ten years ago, when the number of people with smart phones was significantly lower. To put that into perspective, twenty years ago 2-3 kW were considered an abundance of power, whereas today, 8-10 kW is now considered average depending on the application.

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