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  1. Tell our readers about FiberLight. What do you do and what key differentiators set FiberLight apart in the marketplace?

FiberLight is an infrastructure company—we have construction in our DNA. For over 20 years, we’ve been designing, engineering, and optimizing custom large-scale dark and lit fiber networks. While other providers offer dark fiber, few offer the flexible purchase options or have significant counts of fibers and conduits in the ground that we do—up to and including title transfer of the asset. FiberLight has grown through organic growth and own, operate, and manage over 14,000 fiber route miles. In many areas, we offer new fiber—built in the last three to four years—that is diverse from ILEC and cable providers. With our construction and industry experience, we have deep-seated regional expertise on our plant and offer high-touch relationships for a better experience when delivering ongoing account management and service maintenance. Lastly, due to our preferred access to financial instruments, allowing for low capital costs to invest in building infrastructure, FiberLight has the ability to build custom fiber networks and is more than willing to explore opportunities both within and outside our current network footprint.

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