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Companies looking to transition their data activities need a partner which understands the process from start to finish and thinks beyond a simple move. Recently, Exabeam, a global cybersecurity leader, experienced a challenge as its data center partner decided to close the colocation site that hosted Exabeam’s critical Quality Assurance (QA) environment. Exabeam’s team knew it had to act fast, and saw this as an opportunity to downsize. The team chose to collaborate with Evocative for a consolidated move, which both streamlined the moving process and led to a 35% cost reduction.

The Critical Role of Data Centers

Data centers serve as the backbone of modern enterprises, ensuring uninterrupted operations. For Exabeam, the colocation site was more than a physical location; it was the lifeline of its QA environment. With the impending closure of its colocation site, Exabeam needed a partner capable of navigating the complexities of such a critical move. Evocative’s proven experience and deep understanding of the transition process made it a clear choice. Exabeam also knew which capabilities it needed to be sufficiently supported in its new location, including physical location access and remote hands services, which Evocative supports.

A Smooth Transition

Evocative led the Exabeam migration process with intricate planning to ensure a seamless transition into Evocative’s facility. The move lasted under one week, and the Evocative team’s attention to detail was evident throughout with expert racking, stacking, cabling, and decommissioning. Post-implementation, Exabeam did not experience operation interruptions. Evocative’s quick and effective support ensured minimal disruption, and the ability to work remotely provided valuable flexibility, even during extended hours.

Ongoing Success

Evocative played a crucial role in transforming Exabeam’s infrastructure. The team enabled Exabeam’s vision of a reduced footprint through a strategic decommissioning and depreciating process. The most impactful change to Exabeam’s operational environment was the meticulous switching architecture, in which Evocative consolidated switches and servers to reduce operational complexity and enhance efficiency. 20 switches became under 10, and 20 server racks became under 10 as well. This process contributed to a more streamlined environment. Since the transition, Exabeam takes advantage of Evocative’s remote hands service which, coupled with the updated rack and switch configuration, makes for a time-saving process.

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