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In the rapidly evolving world of data centres, where precision, reliability, and performance are paramount, the role of powder coating has become increasingly vital. Data centres house critical infrastructure and sensitive equipment, making the protection and longevity of their components of utmost importance. From providing robust corrosion resistance to offering customisable finishes and improving overall sustainability, powder coating plays a crucial role in safeguarding data centre infrastructure while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. In this blog, we delve into the significance of powder coating in data centres and how it contributes to the efficient and reliable operation of these mission-critical facilities.

Partnering with Gema

Datalec Precision Installations recently expanded its capabilities and successfully implemented a state-of-the-art in-house powder coating system enhancing its portfolio and operational efficiency. Part of the system included collaborating with Gema Powder Coating UK & Ireland.

Seeking to bolster its continuous improvement strategy, DPI approached Gema UK & Ireland to explore options for bringing its coating facility in-house. Gema’s team engaged closely with DPI and its chosen pre-treatment and oven supplier to fully understand DPI’s requirements and deliver the best value for its business strategy. After carefully evaluating various manufacturers and systems, DPI selected Gema to supply the new powder coating system, based on performance, customer feedback, and Gema’s reputation for excellence.

The New Powder Coating System

Delivered in early 2023, DPI’s new system has revolutionised its coating capabilities. Designed to meet sustainability, scalability, quality, reliability, and cost-efficiency goals, the system incorporates a range of advanced features. The centrepiece of the setup is the Gema BA04 Magic Compact booth, equipped with a double-skinned enclosure and an Equiflow self-cleaning floor. This design minimises powder adhesion, enables rapid colour changes, and ensures efficient powder recovery, with an expected reclaim efficiency of up to 97%.

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