As originally published on Hosting Facts

Being able to find a reliable web host is more important, now, than ever. Being able to see how they measure up against the competition and how their infrastructure works is also just as important, in this day and age where websites are our entire livelihoods.

This map shows us where the world’s largest data centers are, how much money has been invested in them, and how big they are. Why is this important? With the migration to the cloud taking place, data centers are becoming bigger and bigger in order to keep pace with the need of the companies — both large and small — that are choosing to go with third party data centers versus investing the time and money into hosting their own servers, which can be both expensive and troublesome.

For example, centers with less than 1 million square feet didn’t even make it onto our map of the world’s largest data centers. With facilities growing at a massive pace to keep up with demand, new projects now involve campuses of buildings that house complex networking and cooling systems as well as the servers themselves. With the expected number of websites to exceed 1 billion in the next year and as needs increase, those data centers that only have less than 1-2 millions square feet will probably fall off of our map altogether within that year.

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