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Month: December 2013

Meeting Network Needs of Cable MSOs

The communication lines of ownership and operator continue to blur as cable broadband operators deploy bandwidth-hungry applications and race to fulfill end-users’ insatiable appetite for content. A recent report by analyst firm Vertical Systems Group finds that for the first time, MSOs have installed more new Ethernet ports than incumbent carriers over a six-month period.   This growing trend highlights the growing importance of Cable multiple systems operators (MSOs) on the communications infrastructure and their requirements and capabilities to serve the needs of end-users. A recently published case study written by Global Capacity explores the growing demand by Cable MSOs for high-speed data services – not only to support triple-play bundles for consumers, but also to deliver high capacity files such as media, applications and video. The case study illustrates the costly endeavors required to build-out a network to meet these demands and the challenges on achieving the optimal Return on Investment (ROI) required to do so.  The regional focus of cable MSOs further complicates this matter due to the limited number of network operators to choose from and challenges to procure solutions both within their customer footprint and beyond.  Network reach, accessibility and cost competitiveness are the key challenges to cable MSOs seeking to expand their networks while reducing interconnection complexity and cost. Interconnection Complexity Solved:  One Marketplace Needless to say, interconnection complexity is… complex.  Finding ways to cost-effectively...

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Open Data Centers Becomes a Member of FISPA

Open Data Centers has announced its recent membership in, joining the association’s extensive community of 190 members whose connections span over 480 service providers and 685 emerging CLECs. FISPA provides a neutral forum for collaboration and the sharing of ideas amongst industry-leading ISPs, CLECs, and MSPs, providing small and mid-sized CLECs and Service Providers the ability to compete against an work with incumbent carriers and application providers.  FISPA also provides its ISP and CLEC members the ability to increase access solutions via new partnership opportunities.  Open Data Centers also gains greater exposure for its proven colocation services and connectivity solutions by way of participating in FISPA’s regional meetings and educational and networking events, as well as aggregate buying and vendor participation programs. Open Data Centers is a leading provider of carrier-neutral colocation and alternative connectivity options for carriers, service providers and enterprise customers in the New York / New Jersey metro area.  Its Piscataway, NJ data center features diverse power feeds and N+1 redundancy, fulfilling the low latency needs of financial institutions and high-availability requirements of Cloud services and applications while serving as an ideal location for carrier Points of Presence (PoPs).  The facility currently serves multiple network and fiber providers including: Zayo, Sunesys, Lightower, Level3, Verizon, Verizon Business, Wolfe.NET, MetroOptical, Cablevision, Core Technology Services, Endstream Communications, and many others. To learn more about Open Data Centers and...

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Top 10 Applications That Benefit from Ethernet Access

There are many reasons why businesses turn to Ethernet access for achieving improved application performance and business productivity. In fact, in a previous post, we discussed the top 10 factors for choosing Ethernet connectivity, including availability, performance and bandwidth scalability, among many others.  Now, let’s take a look at the top 10 applications that benefit from connecting with Ethernet and why. Layer 2 VPNs for IT Infrastructure: Ethernet Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) maximize the performance of existing IT infrastructure increasing network control. Cloud Computing: The deterministic and dynamic service attributes of Ethernet benefit the way cloud computing is used and consumed. Site to Site Access: Provides added performance and higher bandwidth levels along with service standardization at all locations. To read more about the top 10 applications that benefit from connecting with Ethernet view this post in its entirety by visiting the Global Capacity blog at...

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Open–IX Selects iMiller Public Relations as its Marketing & PR Firm

CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA – December 2, 2013 – The Open-IX Association (OIX), a neutral, non-profit industry association formed to promote better standards for data center Interconnection and Internet Exchanges in North America, announce the appointment of iMiller Public Relations (iMPR), a leading international marketing and public relations firm serving the telecommunications and technology industries, as its agency of record.  iMPR has been selected by OIX to develop and execute an integrated marketing communications program encompassing corporate positioning, messaging and organizational branding as well as social media, analyst relations and thought leadership outreach.   iMPR will advise OIX on its communications...

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Perseus goes live with wireless connections between financial markets in the London metro

– First high-speed wireless network connects financial markets from Slough to Basildon in the UK – New wireless microwave technology providing a 40% reduction in latency LONDON – 02 DECEMBER 2013 – Perseus Telecom, a leading provider of high-speed global connectivity, High Precision Time™ and market-to-market networks today announced a new wireless service that connects the London based financial markets of NYSE Euronext, BATS Chi-X, London Stock Exchange, London Metal Exchange, iCap EBS and Thomson Reuters. In October 2012, Perseus was first to offer a commercial wireless service between the markets of London and Frankfurt, while also being a leading operator of a fast fibre route. The wireless technology enabled network from London to Frankfurt measures in at 4.6ms RTD whereas the fastest fibre route comes in at 8.3ms RTD.  This new offering met high demand among industry participants who purchased all of the initial capacity within a month of the service going live. The Perseus London metro wireless network gives customers the ability to connect across the London metro as well as with the wireless network to Frankfurt. This innovation gives financial institutions a higher level of precision when using time-sensitive trading applications that go from market-to-market, sometimes hundreds of miles apart. The Perseus London metro wireless service is available from the data centres of: London Stock Exchange and Thomson Reuters LHC, in the City of London; Equinix LD4 in Slough and...

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