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AdaptiveMobile Expands to Become Ireland’s #2 Telecom Software Company

DUBlogo_highresLIN & DALLAS — June 25, 2015 — AdaptiveMobile ( has expanded to protect one fifth of the world’s mobile subscribers and is now Ireland’s 2nd largest telecoms software company. Global expansion in both its customer base and employees has seen AdaptiveMobile grow to now protect over 1.3 billion subscribers across more than 75 mobile operators worldwide.

An Unlikely Discussion at MWC

As originally published in SOLiD By Mike Collado

SOLiDIt’s that time again for jetlag, sore feet and one-hour taxi queues… For missed appointments due to Google-Outlook-Apple calendars that didn’t sync… And serendipitous encounters with long-lost colleagues on La Rambla at 2 am.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you Mobile World Congress.