The data center sphere is no stranger to mounting demands and shifting requirements. As our world becomes increasingly digitized and the internet pushes a rapidly expanding amount of data from point to point, the physical framework of the digital ecosystem is growing even more critical. Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), for instance, are becoming more prevalent as the internet expands and the level of necessary network interconnection grows. Now, these exchange points have become a key enabler for businesses and even entire countries. While interconnection (or peering) optimizes route traffic, cuts costs and serves to bring the most crucial tool of the contemporary world to users, needs are still expanding and the dynamic world of network connections continues to shift. As businesses are being redefined by digitization and data center campuses are growing, the companies that build, enable and operate the physical infrastructure of the internet are looking to expand their platforms.

DE-CIX, the world’s leading IX operator, is providing the network interconnection platforms that serve as the heart of both today’s and tomorrow’s internet infrastructure even as demands shift and expand. Recently, the company’s CEO, Ivo Ivanov, sat down for a question and answer session with Data Center POST to discuss what trends are at play in the data center sphere and how DE-CIX is moving to meet them.

Overall, the word that resurfaced throughout the discussion was hyperscale. Among other trends like a merger and consolidation phase and an expanding colocation market, Ivanov noted that the number of hyperscale facilities is expected to double from 2016 to 2021. He adds that power density per rack will grow as a result while efficiency will also be bolstered by scale effects and virtualization. However, the aspect that remains the same is the fact that customers are still looking for data center partners that they can entrust their data to. When describing an ideal data center partner, Ivanov highlights the importance of choosing a provider that has access to an interconnection ecosystem, as it enhances speed and reliability among other benefits. Ivanov explains how DE-CIX meets this need and goes even further for its customers. For instance, the company’s DirectROUTES service offers unprecedented access to high-quality networks with a restrictive peering policy.

No matter the need of the customer, whether it be peering, cloud exchange or beyond, DE-CIX is building ecosystems for the future. This ensures that regardless of how requirements, traffic rates or data center campuses grow, businesses can have the support they need to meet demand.

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