May 15, 2019 – DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange operator with the largest and fastest-growing IX in New York, announces today it has released a new white paper, “How to Optimize the Usage of GlobePEER and GlobePEER remote.”

The latest DE-CIX white paper examines their GlobePEER and GlobePEER Remote services and gives router configurations examples for traffic optimization. The guide explains how to keep local traffic local by using the GlobePEER service while getting the most out of remote peering with the GlobePEER Remote service. DE-CIX takes readers through BGP features and settings and shows how to control inbound and outbound traffic, set local preferences for customer, peer and transit, and configure snippets. This guide gives examples.

For an in-depth, technical explanation on how to optimize the usage of these services, download the whitepaper here. [Tweet this]

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