Originally posted to Data Center POST

The needs of the internet and data exchange continue to shift around the world. In response, the internet itself is changing, with more opportunities for agility, connectivity, and security. One issue that companies are working to solve is how to transfer and share data without creating a congested, inefficient internet.

To ensure proper evolution of the internet, many companies are utilizing internet exchange points, or IXPs. IXPs are access points through which providers connect their networks and exchange traffic. While IXPs allow network operators to exchange traffic, they are not internet service providers and cannot, on their own, connect a user to the internet. Rather, IXPs serve as a foundation in which networks can send and receive traffic between other networks.

By exchanging traffic with other local providers at an IXP, the internet becomes ess congested and more efficient, leading to improved performance across the web, for cloud services and other applications.

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