Originally posted on the Connected2Fiber blog.

Today, the success of commercial real estate is closely linked to telecommunications infrastructure. To fill these buildings with corporate tenants, building management has to be able to provide high-speed connectivity. For today’s modern enterprises, the ideal infrastructure is fiber connectivity due to its superior speed and bandwidth capabilities.

No business will move into a building that cannot provide connectivity. Therefore, to achieve the best return on investment – building management, commercial real-estate firms, and other enterprise organizations are eager to be in contact with network operators early in the building process. Being in contact early allows a chance to see who can serve the location and be terminated into the building at a reasonable price, and within a reasonable timeframe.

This poses a business opportunity for network operators looking to capitalize on OnNet, NearNet, and even OffNet locations to sell connectivity. However, this process moves quickly. Thus, providers have a narrow window to demonstrate their value to building owners, while also vetting the location to see if it will ultimately be worth it for them.

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