Up until recently, the city of Sacramento, California was reliant on the San Francisco Bay area for content delivery. This has changed, thanks to a new partnership that will result in Sacramento’s first-ever Internet Exchange.

EdgeConneX® has announced a new partnership with Sacramento Internet Exchange (Sacramento-IX), for the implementation of a connectivity node directly into its Sacramento Edge Data Center (EDC). The partnership will advance regional Internet connectivity and expand the network edge.

Sacramento-IX was started in the summer of 2017 by Ninja-IX. The 29,000 square-foot facility is located within 14 miles of downtown Sacramento, and 25 miles from Sacramento International Airport. It was purpose-built to give customers a secure colocation center for the low-latency delivery of applications and content to local consumers.

This Internet Exchange will provide local enterprises with advanced peering capabilities. With the deployment of the Sacramento-IX node in this EDC, EdgeConneX can now localize traffic to the area’s metro market and provide tenants with redundancy as well as peering independence.

EdgeConneX will join one other data center provider as the founding facility for the first Sacramento-IX. Its Sacramento EDC provides concurrently maintainable power in a minimum of an N+1 configuration to include Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs), Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and generators. What’s more, the building contains diverse Points of Entry (PoEs), with a variety of fiber conduits to physically diverse Meet-Me Rooms (MMRs). There are also multi-stage security containment systems, interior managed security zones and mantraps.

Current network providers at the Sacramento EDC include CenturyLink, Comcast, Integra and Zayo Group.

“Following successful partnerships with EdgeConneX in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Richmond, we’re looking forward to this latest venture, as it provides an opportunity for the peering community to grow in Northern California,” stated Paul Emmons, Executive Director, Ninja-IX.  “As the new Internet Exchange in the region, the availability of Sacramento-IX within EdgeConneX’s Sacramento EDC strengthens interconnectivity, providing a new layer of IX services and critical Internet infrastructure.”

EdgeConneX Chief Commercial Officer Clint Heiden also commented on the partnership.

“At EdgeConneX, our goal is to expand the edge of the network with advanced peering options across our full portfolio of Edge Data Centers,” explained Heiden. “This latest venture with Sacramento-IX brings us one step closer to achieving that goal, providing our tenants with advanced peering opportunities with the necessary connectivity to rapidly and securely deliver bandwidth-intensive content and applications with ease and simplicity.”

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