Originally posted to Data Center POST

Written by Laura Barnett, Content Writer, iMiller Public Relations

Leadership is a notoriously difficult skill to master, and even great leaders encounter obstacles throughout their career. This can be due to the fact that there are so many unique and successful, and even many uniquely unsuccessful, ways to be a leader. Overall, most would define a successful leader as someone with vision, motivation, empathy, creativity and a host of other traits that give them a defined leadership style—whether that be democratic, autocratic, delegative, or transformational. Of course, each method comes with its own strengths, but there is almost always room to improve.

At Data Center POST, we believe everyone, with the right tools and knowledge, can be a successful leader. That’s why at WISPAmerica 2019, an event bringing together Internet Service Providers (ISP), industry experts and leading suppliers to network and discuss innovations in the Wireless ISP sphere, we attended a panel that we know will help anyone looking to build their leadership skills. Now, we want to pass this presentation’s secrets on to you.

In speaking with iMiller Public Relations (iMPR), a PR and marketing firm serving communications infrastructure and technology companies, Jennifer Hartley, the Vice President of Business Process Management, remarked, “Several words come to mind when I think of the qualities that make up a great leader. Honesty, Integrity, Focused, Driven – and while there are many more and all equally as important, I think it is dependent on the individual and how they play to their strengths. I believe great leaders should be in tune with their business and employees and constantly looking at ways to improve and learn, always growing. They are innovative, they think outside the box but stay grounded at the same time.”

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