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Month: December 2015

Race to connect Africa to South America starts up

As Published on Julian Rawle Consulting CamTel is backing a new project to lay a submarine cable directly to Brazil, one of a number of moves to position Cameroon as a new hub in western Africa.  ​In October, Cameroon incumbent CamTel announced its intention to build a fibre-optic cable between Kribi, Cameroon, and Fortaleza, Brazil. CamTel CEO David Nkoto Emane, said: “Negotiations are advanced enough for Cameroon to be the first African country to have a submarine cable connection to the South American continent.” Clearly this was a dig at the other African countries that have been working for years on creating this new route and signifi es that there is now a race on to connect the two continents and their emerging economies. The South Atlantic Express (SAEx) project was announced in 2011, to connect South Africa to Fortaleza. A second phase would connect South Africa to Asia. The project has been through many iterations but has so far been unable to convince investors that there is suffi cient demand to provide a return. Around the same time, a group of Angola telcos formed Angola Cables and announced their intention to build the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) between Luanda, Angola and Fortaleza. In October 2014, the Angolan government approved a $260 million bank guarantee for the project, which enabled the signing of a supply contract with NEC. According...

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Why You Need Enterprise Apps on the Cloud?

As originally published on Data Center POST Ritesh Patil, Co-founder, Mobisoft Infotech Cloud computing is a widely used term, but cloud has various benefits. It is secure mode and gives access to the information to the user irrespective of the location. Thus, you need to upload your enterprise app on cloud so that your employees have access to them on their devices, remotely. “To cloud or not to cloud,” perhaps, this is the most sought after question these days. Obviously, this was bound to happen since cloud computing has various benefits and is the most preferred way to save document and exchange them. However, there are few people who still have doubt against whether they should upload their enterprise applications to cloud or not. Well, this question or doubt arises due to the level of security involved in it. No company would like to have any sort of security breach in their enterprise app, which would definitely hamper the entire motive of having it in the very first place. Thus, to feed your query, listed below are the reasons and benefits of having your enterprise app on the cloud. To view the entire article, please visit Data Center POST...

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Webair, Megaport Partnership Provides Customers with Additional Access to Leading Public Clouds

Leading colocation and managed solutions provider Webair recently announced a strategic partnership with software-defined networking (SDN) provider Megaport that will offer many advantages to its Dedicated Server, Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud customers. The partnership, which will utilize Megaport’s dedicated elastic connectivity, will enable Webair customers to directly connect their hosted infrastructure from Webair’s Tier III, Long Island-based data center to third-party, hosted cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure. In effect, Webair’s NY1 customers will receive the following benefits: Premium connectivity: Customers will gain access to direct, secure, predictable, QoS-based connectivity that also comes with the promise of low latency. Flexible workload management: The partnership will allow customers to easily move, mix and match workloads between their hosted and cloud-based infrastructure. Improved security: Now, Webair’s Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation services can be used in conjunction with third-party cloud services for enhanced security. Better Disaster Recovery (DR): Webair now offers the ability to offer DR services running from Webair to third-party cloud services, and third-party cloud services to Webair. It should also be noted that Webair resides outside of the New York City blast zone, and contains critical Manhattan bypass fiber. Additionally, Webair’s customers can now quickly and easily access Megaport’s rich ecosystem of service providers, thus garnering them a greater amount of choice and flexibility for accessing critical cloud and data services. “[The partnership with]...

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Infomart Portland Receives Green Light to Offer Direct Access Power

National wholesale data center provider Infomart Data Centers was recently approved by Portland General Electric (PGE) to offer Direct Access (DA) power service in its Portland facility. The announcement is a major victory for Infomart’s Hillsboro, Oregon tenants. DA enables eligible utility customers to competitively source electricity from multiple third-party energy suppliers apart from PGE. The Company has partnered with Noble Americas Energy Solutions, a leading national retail energy marketer, to help facilitate its strategic energy procurement process. As a result, Infomart customers can now gain access to lower rates, more energy choices and a host of renewable power options. Infomart Portland tenants can now expect to save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on reduced energy costs following the agreement. These savings are based on the success of Infomart Silicon Valley, which opted for DA service in 2010. Silicon Valley tenants currently save an average of 38.32%, or over $435,000 per year, compared to bundled tariff service. What’s more, by selecting renewable energy plans, tenants can save tens of millions of pounds of carbon emissions each year, thus helping ensure an environmentally-friendly business environment. According to Infomart Data Centers President John Sheputis, by offering Direct Access to its Portland tenants, Infomart can now better support a competitive and open market with no unbundled tarrifs or markups. Also, he explained, tenants can make their own decisions about the type of power they want, which bestows more choice upon them. “Our decision to adopt direct...

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Global Capacity Strengthens Its Customer Service Strategy with New Chief Service Operations Officer Appointment

Global Capacity’s success is found in its innovative and award-winning technology and distinctive approach to customer service. Driven by its brand promise of Connectivity Made Simple™, the leading connectivity as a service provider is known for its readiness to go above and beyond to ensure an optimal customer experience and deliver the right connectivity solution in today’s fragmented network marketplace.  In an effort to continue strengthening and differentiating its approach to customer service, Global Capacity recently onboarded telecom veteran Ray Whinery as its new Chief Service Operations Officer. Whinery, who boasts over 30 years of executive experience in operations and engineering for telecom, cable, wireless and data networking, plays an integral role in Global Capacity’s continued success. Prior to joining Global Capacity, he held executive-level positions at firms including Zayo, American Traffic Solutions, tw telecom, and US West.  As Chief Service Operations Officer, Whinery is responsible for overseeing day-to-day processes involved with service operations for the company — including service delivery, customer support, field operations, service management and core network support. According to Global Capacity President Jack Lodge in a statement, Whinery “is widely regarded as an extraordinary operations leader in the industry.” “Global Capacity has a reputation of exceptional technological innovation and a commitment to service excellence, and I was delighted when Jack invited me to join the team,” Whinery explained. “I am excited to be part of...

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In the Pursuit of Subscribers: Carriers Will Monetize Mobile Video in Radical Ways in 2016

Openwave Mobility predicts trends in 2016 for mobile video and data REDWOOD CITY, Calif – 18 December 2015 – As 2015 draws to a close, Openwave Mobility, a software innovator enabling operators to manage and monetize encrypted mobile data has predicted the trends the company expects to see in 2016. The year for monetizing video (finally) John Giere, President & CEO: “Mobile operators will finally monetize Over The Top (OTT) mobile data in 2016. Why? Carriers across the world have been both inspired and intimidated by T-Mobile USA’s Binge On launch which shook up the status quo. Binge On has shown the potential of mobile optimization and how the technology could make mobile video content a cost effective market differentiator. Could 2016 spark a mobile-video data war?” Encrypted traffic levels will grow and become “the norm” Indranil Chatterjee, SVP Product, Strategy and Sales: “By the end of 2016, encrypted traffic will reach up to 80% of mobile network traffic in many regions, dominated by encrypted video. Already it has reached 50% – 60% and networks are consistently going “dark”. Encrypted traffic is blinding operators as they can’t see the data, nor understand the user experience, especially for encrypted video. This restricts their ability to manage the data traffic and subscriber QoE with traditional tools and analytics. Some operators are burying their heads in the sand are missing out on new, video QoE techniques and secure traffic heuristics that can not only manage, but also provide granular traffic analytics for encrypted...

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Iron Box Locks in IEC Locking Power Cords on announces the availability of locking IEC power cords. Raleigh, N.C. – has added locking IEC power cords to their existing catalogue of power cords, PDU whips, plug adapters, and custom cables., a division of Iron Box Power Distribution, announced the new selection in late September on their blog, as part of an initiative to present a fresh alternative to the traditional power cord and PDU cabling vendors. Locking power cords are essential for applications that require 24/7 uptime. On average, downtime results in a cost of $7,908 per minute (Source). Using a locking cord to secure the cable into the receptacle avoids accidental disconnects from human error or vibration, along with the hefty cost associated with them. No hardware, special inlets or tools are needed, making locking cords an attractive option for any application. When used in conjunction with cables like IEC jumper cords that eliminate excess cabling, locking cords reduce power consumption, decrease downtime, and installation is faster and more profitable. The selection of locking power cords on includes Auto-Lock™, SecureLock™ (P-Lock), IEC Lock™ & Schaffner (IL), V-Lock, Zonit zLock™ (Z-Lock). also builds UL listed custom NEMA to IEC locking cords to fit any configuration. Making these cords available on the website allows engineers, contractors, manufacturers, and IT professionals to consolidate their purchasing and find everything they need for a comprehensive, efficient power...

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