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Month: February 2017

Inside 1025Connect & DE-CIX

How a New IXP Will Transform Long Island Connectivity 1025Connect, Long Island’s premier network-neutral Meet-Me Room for network interconnection and colocation, has added DE-CIX, a carrier and data center-neutral Internet Exchange operator with multiple platforms across the U.S., including a distributed platform across major carrier hotels and data centers throughout the New York-New Jersey metro market and an exchange throughout the Dallas, TX metro market. DE-CIX New York, the only major IX platform in the New York market Open-IX certified and one of the top neutral Internet Peering Exchange (IXPs) in the New York metro market, has added a new Point of Presence (PoP) with 1025Connect that serves as host to the easternmost peering point in the New York metro area, enabling easier access and delivery of content distributed to the ‘Continental Edge.’ The Continental Edge at 1025Connect provides customers the ability to lower network traffic exchange costs, reduce latency, and enhance IP performance and resiliency. A key attribute of 1025Connect is the unprecedented access it offers to global submarine cable systems that land on Long Island. DE-CIX’s presence at 1025Connect provides direct access to the most robust, meshed IXP serving the New York metro market with access to over 150 unique networks, while enabling direct access to European and LATAM networks looking to peer with U.S.-based content providers. In a brief interview with Hunter Newby of 1025Connect and Ed d’Agostino of DE-CIX,...

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Etix Everywhere Envisions the Future of Smart Data Centers

Charles-Antoine Beyney, CEO, to Present at DCD Enterprise New York New York — February 28, 2017 — Etix Everywhere, a global data center developer and operator, announces today that its CEO, Charles-Antoine Beyney, will speak at DCD Enterprise New York. The event takes place March 14-15, 2017 at the New York Marriott Marquis in New York, NY. On Monday, March 14 at 12:50 p.m. in Hall 3, Mr. Beyney will give a presentation titled, “The Evolution of the Smart Data Center.” With ever-advancing technology and application deployment models, as well as a growing demand for hyper-scalability, always-on connectivity, security and efficiency, the smart data center has evolved from a concept to a highly-valued solution in the market. Mr. Beyney will discuss not only what defines today’s smart data center, but also where the smart data center is headed in the future, including how data center providers are making facilities more intelligent with Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools, automation and artificial intelligence (AI). “Data centers are deploying artificial intelligence, including computer vision technology for more effective security controls, as well as introducing machine learning in the form of DCIM tools to optimize facility performance,” states Mr. Beyney. “At DCD Enterprise New York, I’m looking forward to share with attendees how AI can provide more stringent security, and how automated platforms such as DCIM software can ensure their data centers are...

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10 Programs Leading the Way for Girls in Tech

Originally posted to J. Patrick + Associates by Alysa Wishingrad, According to The National Center for Women in IT, tech companies with women in management positions achieve 34% higher return of investment. 34% higher return. And yet women still only occupy 26% of the over 4 million computer science related positions in the country, and account for only 11% of executives in Fortune 500 tech companies. Not only is the lack of diversity in tech profoundly out of wack, it’s bad for business, especially when we The good news is that a good number of organizations and initiatives have cropped up around the country to change the game. Some are focusing on girls still in school, others on offering training to women already out in the workforce. But what unites all of these organizations is the belief that not only should women be occupying an equal share of the over 3 million tech jobs, but that they are in fact the future of tech. To read the full article please click...

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Preparing for the Unexpected Requires a Viable Disaster Recovery Solution

An adverse event or outage at a data center can happen when it’s least expected, causing prolonged downtime and significant financial loss for an organization. Therefore, every data center needs a reliable disaster recovery plan. Fortunately, it’s easy to obtain a robust disaster recovery solution by working with a cloud and fully-managed infrastructure provider like Webair. Just recently, Webair announced a partnership with Data Storage Corporation that will enhance its High Availability (HA) Disaster Recovery and overall support capabilities for IBM Power Systems (iSeries, AS/400 and AIX) environments. Demand for Webair’s Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution has increased dramatically over the last several years, and the addition of IBM Power Systems support positions it for even wider adoption. The partnership between Data Storage Corporation and Webair provides both IBM and x86 users with: 72 hours of monthly recovery site usage before incurring additional fees; fully-managed quarterly recovery site testing with attestation report; per-IP failover, public BPG failover, DNS failover, VPN(s) and L2 stretch; a week of checkpoints; recovery site architecture customization for customer infrastructure integration, and; the ability to replicate data to any Webair DR location, including U.S. East and West Coasts, Canada, Asia and Europe. Webair can now also offer customers fully-managed IBM Power Systems solutions and services, supported by a premier IBM MSP. Plus, Webair customers can take advantage of ancillary services including public and private cloud infrastructure,...

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Healthcare Providers, Is Your Medical Data Secure in the Cloud?

Medical data is one of the hottest commodities on the black market, typically selling for approximately $14 to $25 per record. Because of this, healthcare providers must take advanced measures to protect electronic personal health information (ePHI), especially when storing data offsite in a hosted cloud facility. Now it appears healthcare companies are finally getting the message about the need for heightened data security. InTouchMD, for instance, the leading provider of healthcare marketing solutions, recently partnered with Webair to establish a direct fiber connection between Webair’s flagship NY1 data center and InTouchMD’s headquarters in New York. The partnership makes InTouchMD one of the safest and most secure destinations for pharmaceutical industry data. Leveraging its direct network connectivity model, Webair can deploy dedicated fiber directly into InTouchMD’s environment, which enables the secure and private consumption of scalable, SLA-based cloud services. The solution does not require physical connectivity to the public Internet or other customers. Webair’s NY1 is a Tier III-rated, SSAE 16 and HIPAA compliant facility offering N+1 or better redundant power, cooling and connectivity. The direct fiber connection provides InTouchMD with up to 100Gbps of scalable connectivity. What’s more, InTouchMD now has direct access to a large ecosystem of managed services within Webair’s data center facility, some of which include: Private Cloud Colocation Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) Backup-as-a-Service Storage-as-a-Service Readily available direct connections “This deep connection into one of the...

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Connecting and Networking in a Hyper-Connected World

The communications landscape is in a state of rapid transformation, as businesses everywhere are laying the groundwork to compete in a hyper-connected world. For that reason, it’s everyone’s responsibility, from C-level executives to senior service and technology professionals, to stay on top of the latest innovations that are shaping the industry. One of the best opportunities to catch up about the latest trends in enterprise communications will take place at the MEF17 global networking event, Nov. 13 to 16 at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort in Orlando, Florida. The event will be sponsored by MEF, which is the driving force enabling assured, orchestrated Third Network services. With a target audience of more than 1,000 attendees from more than 275 companies and over 35 countries, MEF17 is the world’s premier networking opportunity. This event will focus on advancing the transition to Third Network connectivity and cloud services for the digital economy and hyper-connected world. These services enable an on-demand experience with user-directed control over service capabilities and cloud connectivity. Third Network services are delivered over automated, virtualized and interconnected networks powered by: LSO (Lifecyle Service Orchestration) SDN (software-defined networking) NFV (network functions virtualization) CE 2.0 (Carrier Ethernet 2.0) “Many leading service providers, technology vendors, open source projects, and standards organizations are working closely with MEF to accelerate the transition to the Third Network,” said Kevin Vachon, Chief Operating Officer, MEF....

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GTT to Present at Pacific Crest 12th Annual Emerging Technology Summit

McLean, VA, February 23, 2017 — GTT Communications, Inc. (NYSE: GTT), the leading global cloud networking provider to multinational clients, will present at the Pacific Crest 12th Annual Emerging Technology Summit taking place in San Francisco. Chris McKee, general counsel and executive vice president, corporate development, will present on February 28 at 10:30 a.m. PST, participate on the “Future of SDN and Network Connectivity” panel at 11:00 a.m. PST, and meet with investors that day. A webcast of the presentation session and a copy of the company’s latest investor presentation will be available on the company’s website. About GTT GTT provides multinationals with a better way to reach the cloud through its suite of cloud networking services, including wide area networking, Internet, managed services and voice services. The company’s Tier 1 IP network, ranked in the top five worldwide, connects clients to any location in the world and any application in the cloud. GTT delivers an outstanding client experience by living its core values of simplicity, speed and agility. For more information on how GTT is redefining global communications, please visit GTT Investor Relations: Jody Burfening/Carolyn Capaccio LHA +1 212 838 3777 GTT Media Inquiries: Randall Slack GTT +1.908.988.1909...

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Are You Ready for 5G Connectivity?

For the last several years, the telecommunications industry has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of 5G connectivity. It’s always been a matter of when, as opposed to if the technology would become widely adopted. Now it appears that the wait is over, as some experts, including Colby Synesael, Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst at Cowen Group, Inc., are predicting that 5G  will have a significant impact on the market this year. The Northeast DAS and Small Cell Association (NEDAS) and iMiller Public Relations (iMPR) recently announced that Mr. Synesael will be the keynote speaker at NEDAS’ fifth annual New York City Summit, taking place April 20, 2017 at the New York Academy of Medicine in Manhattan. This theme of the NEDAS NYC Summit is “2017: The Year IoT Demands Infrastructure to be Reshaped Above and Below the Ground.” Mr. Synesael, who specializes in the communications infrastructure and telecom services industries, is uniquely positioned to talk about how 5G will shape the industry this year and into the future. For instance, in a recent publication titled “Surveying the 5G Landscape: A Sector View of What’s to Come,” Mr. Synesael claimed that the best way to play 5G is to invest in companies that will help facilitate the network buildouts. “We are very excited to have Colby speak at our New York City summit,” stated Ilissa Miller, president of NEDAS...

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