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Will the Real Tim Cook Please Stand Up?

TimCookIT managers from New York to Silicon Valley are all asking the same question: would the real Tim Cook please stand up?  You might be asking the same thing.  So let’s take a look at these two men and make some comparisons to find out who is who.

On one coast, there is Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer at BlueOSS in Annapolis, MD.  Cook resides in the Washington, D.C. metro area and is currently the overseer of BlueOSS’ strategy and vision.  He spends the majority of his time influencing telecommunications companies on the ins-and-outs of the Cloud economy, the benefits of subscription-based billing models as well as Software-as-a-Service.  On the other coast, there is his ‘dopplenamer’, Tim Cook, Business Executive and CEO of Apple, Inc. and successor of the late Steve Jobs (sans the white beard and classic black turtleneck).

HWTrek Launches Enhanced Consumer Electronics Community Platform

HWTrekHWTrek is revolutionizing the way hardware is brought to market.  The company recently announced the debut of its enhanced community platform – an easy-to-use, open and neutral digital medium that unites hardware inventors, design and manufacturing experts and financial backers to foster innovation and cross-functional communication in order to bring next-generation hardware dreams to fruition.  The global platform is specifically designed to provide its participating individuals and companies with the tools necessary to achieve their goals, while also offering an opportunity for its network on industry experts to showcase and demo their solutions; examples of these include xBeacon and the Zigbee Solution.

The HWTrek community platform simplifies the go to market process for inventors in the consumer hardware space, helping them to develop, fund and showcase their latest technologies and solutions.  Participating inventors in the wearable, sports, toys/games, cameras/AV, family and home automation, mobile device accessories, auto, health and science categories can leverage HWTrek’s platform to bring their ideas to reality in five simple steps: create, collaborate, source, crowdfund and build.

After submitting an innovative idea, inventors can leverage HWTrek’s direct channels to access successful executives in technology design, marketing and intellectual property, as well as 130+ HWTrek experts from top manufacturers in Asia, to collaborate on product design, production costs, materials, and more.  Inventors can then work with the expert community to create successful crowdfunding campaigns that allow them access to capital to fund the cost of building the invention through local venture capitalists, seed capital or pre-A funding.  Once inventors have reached their funding goals, they can once again collaborate with community to build and trademark their products.

Over 400 hardware designs have been featured on HWTrek’s innovative platform since its initial launch in September 2013; and in the wake of the platform’s success, many have flourished.  One example is BeLuvv, who leveraged the platform to successfully raise $11,235, 113% of its target funding goal, for its wearable device called Guardian.

For more information about HWTrek and its enhanced consumer electronics community platform, go to


Lam Cloud Poised to Receive 10G Connection from Sunesys

Lam CloudLam Cloud is inching closer toward its goal of providing a center of network connectivity for New Jersey and its growing data center market.

Sunesys, a leading provider of dark fiber, managed private Ethernet networks and transport, recently announced it signed a deal with Lam Cloud that encompasses the installation of a 10Gbps Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) connection between the company’s headquarters in Cranbury and its colocation facility in Newark.

sunesys_horizontal“Sunesys is thrilled to provide a premier, advanced engineered DWDM optic connection to Lam Cloud,” explains Alan Katz, the company’s Senior Vice President. “The diverse network continues to promote Sunesys’ mission to connect large-scale enterprise clients with top of the line data services. A partnership like this reaffirms our future expansion providing transport throughout the Northeast.”

The fiber optic network gives Lam Cloud the ability to securely obtain additional services such as Internet connectivity between the two facilities, while also enabling carrier diversity and increased reliability for a private network offering.