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Seeking an Easier Way to Manage Multiple Cloud Services?

An increasing number of enterprises today are leveraging cloud services to streamline business-critical operations. According to the Cisco Global Cloud Index, data center traffic associated with cloud consumer and business applications is growing at a CAGR of 30 percent, while global cloud IP traffic is expected to account for more than 92 percent of total data center traffic by 2020.

However, as businesses increase their reliance on the cloud many are finding it difficult to manage these disparate services. Businesses in this situation can find help from companies like TELEHOUSE, which recently announced the launch of its new solution Telehouse Cloud Link here in the United States. Currently available in the EMEA region, Telehouse Cloud Link is a multi-cloud connectivity exchange that allows enterprises to manage multiple cloud services through a single, secure and dedicated private connection.

You Won’t Believe How Much the Internet Has Grown

The internet has been growing at a staggering pace over the last several years. Since 2012, almost 1.7 billion new users have come online, which is an increase of almost 82 percent, or 10 new users every second.

This is great news for global data providers like New York City’s TELEHOUSE, which achieved a milestone in February when its New York International Internet Exchange (NYIIX) surpassed 400 Gbps of traffic daily.

With Peering Infrastructure and Internet Connectivity, Experience Matters

with-peering-infrastructure-and-internet-connectivity-experience-mattersReliable internet access is critical for today’s global enterprise. Just a few seconds of downtime cause far-reaching and adverse consequences. So it’s vital to partner with an exchange provider that has the technical wherewithal and experience in delivering critical connectivity services.


cloudflare-joins-telehouses-laiix-and-nyiix-exchangesTELEHOUSE announced this week that CloudFlare will join its Los Angeles and New York International Internet Exchanges (NYIIX and LAIIX).