Fiber-optic network providers are now taking active measures to address the growing demand for state-of-the art fiber infrastructure that is flexible, reliable and secure.

FiberLight, LLC., for example, has announced the completion of Texas Connector, which is a fiber network that provides connectivity across the western portion of its network within the Dallas-Austin-San Antonio- Houston (DASH) fiber footprint. The project, which was started back in 2016, offers a unique fiber pathway for low-latency connectivity throughout Texas as well as diversely constructed routes for improved redundancy.

This project is the final step in connecting FiberLight’s 10,000-mile Texas footprint into one large network. Texas Connector provides service providers, enterprises and carriers with direct high-bandwidth transport capabilities into important national and regional data centers in Houston, Dallas, and other tech hubs across FiberLight’s network, benefitting all major metropolitan areas.

“Completion of FiberLight’s Texas Connector allows us to move traffic across the state on our own network, built and maintained by FiberLight,” said Wayne Wooley, SVP of Construction for FiberLight. “The Texas Connector ties all the major regional markets together with smaller, rural communities. This unique footprint allows us to enable cellular backhaul network expansion and educational and healthcare campus connectivity projects, in addition to providing enterprise customers with the necessary connectivity with reliable bandwidth scalability to grow their business.”

This solution creates new opportunities for global companies and carriers to increase data-supported business operations in the U.S.  What’s more, the project comes with the establishment of numerous colocation huts at key stops along the route, providing equipment space for FiberLight’s dark fiber customers. FiberLight also plans to perform test and turn-up of 100GB transport across all spans, while implementing switching hardware installations in remaining sites.

The company manages and owns more than 1.9 million fiber miles across 44 metropolitan areas in the U.S. while maintaining over 26,000 backbone access points and 2,000 on-net locations and presence in 140 data centers across the country. In Texas alone, FiberLight’s network spans over 10,000 miles.

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