In the past, connecting to the cloud was a complex and time-consuming process. But now, it’s possible to rapidly obtain highly-scalable connectivity to multiple cloud service providers using a single connectivity-as-a-service platform.

As digitalization continues to accelerate, a growing number of businesses are now turning to providers like PacketFabric for help connecting to cloud services. PacketFabric, a NantWorks company, recently announced a new cloud on-ramp solution called PacketCOR that enables secure, direct and scalable network connectivity to cloud products from any point over the company’s Layer 2, meshed private network.

PacketCOR simplifies direct connectivity to cloud service providers by offering options for dedicated, or cost-effective, aggregated connectivity. PacketFabric currently offers connectivity to cloud service providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Packet, IBM Cloud and Markley Cloud Services. Cloud connectivity can be provisioned and managed over PacketFabric’s Application Program Interface (API) or web portal.  Plus, all networking services are protected by a carrier-grade Service Level Agreement (SLA).

“We established PacketFabric in order to securely transmit big data at terabit-scale across our supercomputer network to interrogate the cancer genome in real time,” said Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, Chairman and CEO of NantWorks. “I am excited at the milestone of now connecting various Cloud Service Providers to enable broader access of the unique layer 2 networking capability afforded by our infrastructure.”

Jezzibell Gilmore, SVP of Business Development at PacketFabric, also commented on the announcement.

“We’ve seen a great demand for direct connectivity to cloud service providers, especially for high bandwidth connectivity,” stated Gilmore. “Cloud services have matured, and today companies have increasing bandwidth requirements, as well as a growing need for secure connectivity.  PacketCOR is an easy to use, simple to manage and scalable solution for bandwidth-intensive connectivity to cloud service providers.”

PacketCOR can be used to connect to a cloud service from over 150 on-net locations throughout North America, with speeds starting at 1Gbps.

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