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Attend the SUITS Conference at ITEXPO West

As a component TMC’s 2012 ITEXPO, the Synopsis under IP/Patents Telecom Sourcing Conference (SUITS) will be featured.  This event, taking place in Austin, Texas on October 2-5 at the Austin Convention Center, will enlighten attendees on how to protect patents and intellectual property, and learn about licensing and legislation rights.  With featured speakers including executives from Cisco, Siemens Enterprise Communications, 8×8, Inc., Alston and Bird LLP, Ameliowave, Juneau Partners and Open Invention Network, attendees will be educated on patent laws and how it effects their companies.

Day one of the event, on October 2, will consist of CLE training.  Hosted by Todd Juneau, Registered Patent Attorney at Juneau Partners, topics including new patent laws, patent issues for small businesses, patent licensing, patent litigation, how to read a patent, and many more will be introduced.  On day two of the SUITS conference, taking place on October 3, keynote speakers will touch upon guidelines for analyzing the patent of landscape, IP law and policy changes, “patent aggregation wars,” and many more points of discussion.  This conference will educate telecommunication innovators including developers, implementers, licenses, licensors, end users, carriers and enterprise patents.

Not only will the SUIT conference be comprised of impeccable keynote speakers and points of discussion, but registration of the conference automatically enlists them in a drawing to win an Apple iPad2.  Prizes will be announced and distributed at the Basic Solution Booth on October 4 at 4PM.  Register now to win!


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Cyber Innovation Labs and NEC Corporation of America Bring to Market Their Proven “Cloud in a Vault” Solution

149479490We are all familiar with the Software as a Service, or SaaS. Cloud in a Vault takes the offering to a next level by providing its end-users with the world’s first holistic Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution – bringing the modern-day Enterprise data center into the next generation of Cloud computing.

Following nine months of extensive infrastructure testing, rigorous implementations and full-scale global deployment, the world’s new paradigm for Cloud computing arrives at the Cloud Connect Conference and Expo in Chicago, IL. Cloud in a Vault (CiaV), designed byCyber Innovation Labs, LLC (CIL), a premier enterprise-class managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider, in partnership withNEC Corporation of America (NEC), brings new meaning to the phrase ‘comprehensive Cloud solution’.

While other solutions promise the world, Cloud in a Vault actually delivers – especially in terms of convenience. Long gone are the days of time and labor-intensive provider selection; CiaV brings the capabilities of multiple providers into one easy, single-provider solution. In addition to being housed in Cyber Innovation Lab’s own 2N Tier 3+ SSAE 16 certified data center facilities, the solution is monitored by NEC as well as Halock Security Labs’. NEC’s proven, OpenFlow-based Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology includes the award-winning ProgrammableFlow™  networking and Nblock™ infrastructure.

While CiaV has already been successfully deployed across major enterprise networks within the financial, healthcare andT legal verticals, its impressive resume is attractive to virtually every client in the market. It continues to separate itself from its competitors by offering clients a truly dedicated, completely self-contained solution with no shared infrastructure – making it an ultra-secure and ultra-compliant Cloud as a Service platform. The service is also completely retractable, allowing an Enterprise to gain complete possession of all of its data within a 72-hours notice. And because of its Cloud-based design, the solution allows companies to avoid large up-front capital expenditures and deploy an OpEx-based infrastructure.

To learn more about Cloud in a Vault, please visit Cyber Innovation Labs or email


Cyber Innovation Labs, NEC Corporation of America and Intel Host the Cloud Transformation Summit. APPLY TODAY TO ATTEND!

On September 19th and 20th the Cloud Transformation Summit will be taking over Chicago, Illinois.  This exclusive event, hosted by Cyber Innovation Labs, LLC (CIL), NEC Corporation of America and Intel, will bring together CIOs, CTOs, and Technology Vice Presidents to learn about CIL and NEC’s latest technologies.  CIL, an enterprise-class managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider and NEC, a provider of advanced communication, IT and biometric solutions will discuss the first holistic Infrastructure-as-a-Service technology: the Cloud in a Vault.

The Cloud Transformation Summit will include presentations by Jack Pressman, CEO of Cyber Innovation Labs, presenters from NEC, Intel, Aberdeen Group, and more!  Executives from healthcare, legal and financial verticals will be in attendance as well.  Attendees will not only gain insight to the many technologies that these presenting companies offer, including NEC’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) product family, ProgrammableFlow® networking and Nblock™ infrastructure, Iron Mountain Corporation and Halock Security Labs, but they will also be able to indulge in a tour of CIL’s Mt. Prospect-based, true 2N, Tier 3+ data center facility.  This data center is fully SSAE 16 / SAS 70 Type II compliant.

Before this two-day, information packed and insightful event comes to an end, guests of the Cloud Transformation Summit are invited to watch a Chicago Cub’s baseball game at the Sheffield Baseball Club.  Those who are in attendance will be able to indulge in a cocktail reception at the baseball club, conveniently located outside of Wrigley Field.


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Global Internet Capacity Reaches 77 Tbps Despite Slowdown

September 06, 2012

New data from TeleGeography’s Global Internet Geography research reveal that international Internet capacity growth fell to the lowest pace in five years, decreasing from 68 percent in 2008 to 40 percent in 2012. While the pace of growth is slowing, international Internet bandwidth continues to grow rapidly, more than doubling between 2010 and 2012, to 77 Tbps.


International Internet Bandwidth Growth, 2008-2012












Source: TeleGeography


Decelerating network capacity growth rates are mirrored in slowing rates of peak and average international Internet traffic growth. Average international Internet traffic grew 35 percent in 2012, down from 39 percent in 2011, and peak traffic grew 33 percent, well below the 57 percent increase recorded in 2011. International Internet traffic and capacity growth rates are declining due to a combination of factors, including slowing broadband subscriber growth in mature markets, and the expansion of content delivery networks (CDNs) and local caching technologies, which reduce the need for new long-haul capacity by storing popular content closer to the end-users. Nevertheless, the underlying drivers of bandwidth demand remain strong. Broadband penetration rates in developing markets remain modest, leaving substantial room for new subscriber growth. In more mature markets, where the pace of broadband subscriber growth has slowed, faster broadband speeds and the growing adoption of bandwidth-intensive applications, most notably online video, are spurring higher traffic volumes per user.

With the exception of a few developing countries, the days of triple-digit annual growth rates are long past. However, even with the use of CDNs and caching technologies, the compounding effect of rapid traffic growth will continue to require carriers to make considerable investments to expand network capacity.

TeleGeography’s Global Internet Geography research service is a comprehensive source of data and analysis about international Internet capacity, traffic, service providers, ASN connectivity, and pricing. It provides:

  • Profiles of 103 Internet backbone operators
  • International Internet traffic data for 32 major countries and capacity and detailed indicator data for 75 countries
  • U.S. domestic bandwidth data from 2003-2012 and traffic data from 2008-2012
  • In-depth analysis of global and regional wholesale Internet pricing trends
  • Autonomous System Number (ASN) connectivity analysis and rankings of backbone operators’ downstream IP address connectivity by region, country, and ISP



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FiberMedia’s Project Velocity Celebrates the Agent & Reseller Community and Promotes Its Expansive Suite of Dynamic Bundled Product Offerings

What better way to celebrate a successful year of unprecedented business growth as well as the agent and reseller communities and the dynamic bundled product offerings that make it happen then to launch a market-changing incentive program. FiberMedia Group, LLC, recently launched Project Velocity, a special program developed exclusively for the new and existing agent and reseller communities that pays increased commission for new qualified opportunities presented to the company.

Agents and resellers are a vital part of any successful IT infrastructure business, and Project Velocity is just one example of how FiberMedia embraces these communities as respected business partners. To show its appreciation, the company is doubling agent commissions from 10% to 20% on its monthly recurring revenue including promo bundles. These commission payments will be made for a two-year maximum term for any deal closed between now and December 31, 2012.

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TeliaSonera Expands to Latin America and The Caribbean

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADespite the continuing crisis in Europe, uncertain US outlook and economic downturn of Asian markets, Latin America and the Caribbean regions have experienced a steady growth in the communications services arena and there seem to be no signs of cessation. The regions still lag behind the world’s most advanced nations in terms of coverage, information access and adoption, and communication technology. The success of this marketplace is highly dependent on differentiation, anywhereization and total global connectivity.

TeliaSonera International Carrier is at the technological forefront of this movement, ideally positioned to serve the market segments’ constantly changing and ever-growing demand as one of the world’s largest carriers of voice and data traffic, and provider of global, turnkey infrastructure, IP transit and Wavelength capacity solutions.

Thousands of leading cable operators, local carriers and PTTs are focusing their efforts on the paths to narrow the Latin American and Caribbean regions’ digital divide. The resurgence has sparked a demand for capacity upgrades to connect it to the Americas’ Network Access Point (NAP) as well as New York’s largest data centers.  New construction of submarine cable is underway, along with additional fiber deployment in order to support demand in areas surrounding regional gateways as well as wider adoptions of carrier ethernet, delivering greater bandwidth, enhanced capacity administration and holistic demand support.

“As well as being an emerging financial marketplace, the increased purchasing power of consumers in the region has seen competition intensify between fixed and mobile operators jostling to become the broadband provider of choice,” stated Edison De Leon, Regional Manager, Latam and Caribbean, at TeliaSonera International Carrier.  “The bundling of formerly separate services, rapid adoption of smart phones and emerging applications such as cloud computing and outsourcing is expected to drive double-digit growth this year in communications traffic and investment.”

Most of these organizations need to integrate their capacity with a Tier-1 partner to build a global solution for end users and “transport capacity from regional gateways to other US POPs,” De Leon says. TeliaSonera offers a fully redundant US network, a fully-owned and operated fiber optic infrastructure and comprehensive connectivity solutions in the forms of global internet, wholesale voice and mobile SMS, IPX and GRX and collocation in order to satisfy such needs.  The company is also a core supporter of carrier expansion into new markets, holding over 200 POPs across the US, Asia and Europe. 

Picking Up Speed! FiberMedia Introduces Project Velocity

Want to earn a fast buck?  FiberMedia’s new Project Velocity program is aimed at just that.  And not just a fast buck – a big buck.  With the demand of colocation and data center services – especially throughout the metro market – referral opportunities are a premium.  FiberMedia gets this – and will ensure that its agent and reseller partners know that they do.  Project Velocity is changing the way referral and reseller partners get paid.

Earn a 20% Commission!

Project Velocity doubles the commission typically offered to agent and reseller partners from 10% to 20%.  This is truly a game changer – John Panzica, SVP of Sales and Marketing clarifies, ““We are doubling agent commissions from 10% to 20% while maintaining our competitive pricing and delivering high velocity service. Our installations are executed within days to ensure that our agents and resellers are reimbursed promptly.”

This unprecedented increase in renumeration for partners is attributed to FiberMedia’s ongoing success in the market.  It has recently announced that its facilities received their SSAE 16 certification.  A couple of months ago, the company announced a significant expansion in Secaucus, NJ within one of its key data centers.  Futhermore, the company’s flexible cloud-based solutions, proximity to key financial markets in the NY Metro market and its disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for mid-to large-sized enterprise businesses makes FiberMedia truly ‘the intelligent data center.’

For more information about FiberMedia’s Project Velocity and to sign-up to receive your reward, visit

Cologix’s Vancouver Data Centre Now Hosts Cloud Data Corporation’s Proprietary Sproq Network

newest client, Cologix, a network neutral interconnection company, has announced its newest client in Vancouver – Cloud Data Corp.  Cloud Data Corp, a subsidiary of Mely Copr and the developers of the proprietary Sproq Network has selected Cologix’s Vancouver data centre to expand their cloud-based technology to Canada.  This announcement reiterates Cologix’s strength in Canadian’s data centre market as Vancouver is one of 3 strong-holds that the company operates in.  The other two Canadian markets include Montreal and Toronto.  Cologix also operates data centre facilities in the US – Dallas and Minneapolis -where it is the host of Minnesota’s largest interconnection hub.

These markets are important to major enterprise businesses and network operators as they represent alternative locations that provide cost effective power and space solutions for either primary, secondary or disaster recovery locations.  In addition, with ongoing adoption of cloud networking, there’s no longer a need to have your data ‘next door.’  This affords companies the opportunity to shop around for the best provider – no matter their location.

Cologix offers eleven prime interconnection locations across five markets.  The company services over 550 carrier, managed services, cloud, media, content, financial services and enterprise customers.  If you’re not one of them, you should definitely check them out.  They have been on the industry trade show circuit in the past year and will be attending Comptel Plus this Fall as well as Channel Partners, Ethernet Expo, and many more.  For more information visit